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Excerpts from Karen Lee's 2 Hour DVD


"Speaking of Menopause"

This exceptional video is narrated by Susan Hutchison and was designed to be informative and yet a pleasure to watch.

According to a recent Louis Harris survey commissioned by the Commonwealth Fund's commission on women's health, many women simply do not know when they should be getting regular medical exams and tests to prevent illness. Research conducted in 1992 by a national health care company showed that 90% of all women feel uninformed about menopause.

DVD Starts With Physiology Lesson

In the DVD Karen Lee explains how increased risk for many diseases find a common source in the hormonal changes that occur as a result of menopause or surgical removal of the ovaries. The heart and arteries, sexual function, risks for cancers, bone mass, bladder and bowel function, sexuality are all impacted by the loss of estrogen.

Unlike many of the informational videos and books available today, Karen Lee's was not funded by a medical or pharmaceutical firm. It was funded by a group of private individuals, many of whom are Karen Lee's patients. "Private funding allowed me to create the kind of educational program that I know women really need", she says. The workbook includes a very helpful glossary of common medical terms.

Most of all, Karen Lee would like women to know that many diseases are preventable. "The only cure for osteoporosis is prevention" says Karen Lee. And cervical cancer is virtually I00% preventable with routine Pap tests.

Complain! Learn enough about your body to complain effectively!" Most women do not speak up about problems until they are miserable, says Karen Lee.


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    Ultrasound exams can help to evaluate your uterus and ovaries.
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