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What is "Speaking of Menopause"?

    An interactive educational program For Women in Their Second Forty Years...and Beyond
  • A Two-Hour DVD
  • An 80-page Workbook
  • Plus: Breast Self-Exam Instruction Card

Karen Lee's program is a comprehensive resource for making the second 40 years the best years of your life. It addresses the physical and emotional changes that occur and what you can do about them. The two-hour DVD offers reliable medical information and focuses on understanding your body's changes. The 80-page workbook is a systematic inventory of your health and a guide for planning the best years of your life. It is a vital tool you can use to communicate more effectively with your healthcare provider-especially about sensitive issues, such as sexuality, hormone therapy, breast cancer.


Each year three-quarters of a million post-menopausal American women die prematurely from diseases that are largely preventable - heart attack, strokes and cancers. Lack of information prevents many women in their second forty years from getting the healthcare they need.

"Your health is your business" says Karen Lee who has launched her own attempt to provide women the information they need to prevent these crippling or fatal illnesses and to challenge them to take charge of their health.

This two hour DVD AND 80 PAGE WORKBOOK comprehensively address the impacts of menopause, heredity and the aging process on a woman's body, which include increased risks for heart disease, breast cancer and osteoporosis. Viewers can learn from the DVD and workbook in the privacy of their home about sensitive subjects such as sexuality, incontinence, bowel problems, hormones and more. Suggestions on discussing these issues with family and healthcare providers is an integral part of the program.

Each year nearly 500,000 women die of cardiovascular disease, the leading cause of death among women over 50. Breast cancer claims 44,000 women every year. But 95 percent of breast cancers are curable if detected early! Newer research is focusing on prevention of this feared disease.

Strong Demand For Basic Information

The DVD/WORKBOOK helps women identify their hereditary and current risks for disease and helps them design a personal program for prevention that includes lifestyle changes and regular medical exams. Research shows that this type of straightforward, mainstream information meets a desperate need.


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What people are saying about Karen Lee and this Program:

"Karen Lee is a remarkable individual...caring, conscientious, knowledgeable wise. " Video and workbook provide so much useful information that I found myself taking copious notes. I cannot recommend this important and crucial material highly enough."

Paul B. Brown, M.D., Ph.D.
Co-host of KCTS/9 (PBS) "Health Talk"
Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Washington


"You have done a great job at presenting sensitive issues in a clear and comforting manner...women in their second forty years will respond well to this approach. This is an extremely effective way of encouraging women to take action. This program would be a valuable resource in a variety of settings including clinics and social services. I would highly recommend this product...valuable tool.

Susan Halverson, ARNP
Professor, University of Washington School of Nursing


"I found that the video and workbook are extremely well done and I will be very happy to recommend it to my peri- and post-menopausal women. Women will be greatly assisted...covers menopause and other related issues very thoroughly...quite accurate...mainstream medical information. As a founding member of the North ,American Menopause Society, I have seen many products on this subject in recent years, and I found that Karen Lee's (program) is very exceptional. "

Jan-Erik Strole, M.D. OB/GYN


"I decided to purchase the program for all my participants in a wellness program. The women were extremely enthusiastic. Our Health Services Dept. has been offering monthly wellness programs for 12 years. Yours is one of the top purchases we have made. Your delivery, accuracy of material and comfort level were what made the program so level you utilized was perfect...also like your funny lines. Thanks for such a quality product."

Judy Russell, RN, MS, COHN
Administrator, CF Industries, Inc. Health Services


"The video tape is concise and very well done as are the accompanying materials."
Marcha Flint, Ph.D., Chairman Education Committee,
North American Menopause Society

Program Participants:

"Dear Karen, Thank you for taking the time to listen. . .you shared of yourself and that brought hope to my situation. Thank you for providing a caring and safe environment." DM


"You gave me the courage to risk and trust and ask for what I need. Now I'm on the mend." AK


"I can't tell you how great I feel. I laugh, smile, read, talk and feel genuine interest in my husband and friends! I 'm sleeping better and I like my life. Thank you for helping me get here, you're a real blessing." PC


"Thank you for saving my life." SO



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