Meet Karen Lee

Karen Lee, A.R.N.P.
OB/GYN Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner
Certified Menopause Practitioner

Karen Lee's Portrait

Hi, I'm Karen Lee


Welcome to my 'virtual women's clinic'. I have had the privilege of caring for women since 1975 as an OB/GYN Nurse Practitioner. In 2001 I became one of the first physicians and nurse practitioners to earn certification as a Menopause Practitioner. My practice is in Mount Vernon, WA, just one hour north of Seattle.

I have had a passion for women's health for many years, but my sister's death in 1992 really made me angry, sad and determined to do more to stop the needless premature deaths and disabilities in women. Being a woman in her "second forty years', I am naturally very interested in the medical and psycho-social aspects of health care of the peri and post menopausal woman.

Maybe you have never heard of a Nurse Practitioner. Let me tell you a little about my credentials. I am a Registered Nurse with post-graduate education which prepared me for the expanded role of Nurse Practitioner. I do women's exams including Pap tests, take care of their common problems, prescribe medications, help with needed surgeries, perform ultrasounds, counsel women regarding many health needs and refer to other specialists as needed. I am a member of the North American Menopause Society, the National Osteoporosis Foundation and other professional associations.

In 1994 I founded Woman to Woman, Inc. for the purpose of reaching more women with the health education they so desperately need. With the financial backing of local investors, I authored and produced "Karen Lee's Personal Healthcare Plan For Women in Their Second Forty Years...and Beyond", which is a unique, comprehensive educational program covering the major health issues for this population. In order to make the education the most effective possible, I decided to utilize as many senses as possible, therefore the program included a 2 hour DVD and 80 page workbook which a woman can use in the privacy of her home. It has had some amazing results.

I have edited the video to update some of the content and now offer it in DVD format along with the workbook and have renamed the program "Speaking of Menopause". The goals of this program are to ENLIGHTEN..... EDUCATE...... EMPOWER women to take charge of their health. Thanks for visiting my virtual clinic. Please sign the guest book.


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