Nine Questions Women Ask Me About Menopause

1.) Karen, I'm forty,
is it all down hill from here?

2.) I know menopause is coming, but what about hormone replacement therapy?

3.) I am having irregular bleeding. Could it be a symptom of cancer or is it a symptom of menopause?

4.) My sexual desire is declining. Is there something wrong with me?

5.) Am I at risk for breast cancer?

6.)I'm experiencing a lot of mood changes. What can I do?

7.) I'm more forgetful than I used to be. Why is that?

8.) I'm having night sweats. Is this menopause?

9.)I've had some bladder accidents. What can I do about that?



Copyright ©1995-2004 Karen Lee, A.R.N.P.,
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Certified Menopause Practitioner